About Us

18 years ago, five like-minded brand and clothing enthusiast teamed to open a multi-brand store called GQ in New Road. The individuals who were very enthusiastic about

brands and quality clothing came together to bring a new culture to Nepal. All of the

partners who were also good friends came from different backgrounds; branded retail

business,academics, sports etc and this is what helped to form a balanced partnership of

education and experience in the company. They opened their very first multi-brand store

called GQ in New Road and this store running till date. And from this store, they started

bringing in original Adidas products and this is how the journey of ‘Labels’ began.

As the name suggests, ‘Labels’ is all about bringing the desired and quality

brands (labels) under one roof to cater the mass and provide them with premium shopping experience.

‘Labels#39; is a well-known name when it comes to premium clothing brands due to our

consistent effort to bring the original products in the market. This has earned us loyal customers. The consistency has enabled us reach more customers. Since our customers are our utmost priority, we want to show them our gratitude and appreciation by giving them a great consumer experience. Weare also aware of the changing times and we would also like to cater to a newer group of audience, the tech-savvy youngsters connecting through the official Labels App and website.

‘Labels’ established by Roots Fashion Pvt. Ltd is your answer to one stop shop if you are into

branded clothes and shoes. Roots Fashion, registered in 2001, has a total of

nine stores all over Kathmandu and has become a household name when it comes to

brands as it is the sole distributor of Adidas, Reebok, Pepe, Levi’s, Cube Bikes, Rockport

and Dr Martens in Nepal.

In the journey of these fantastic 18 years, we have come a long way and we still have a

long way to go. For us at Labels, the long term goal is to become the number one branded

retail giant of Nepal by being best.

At present, we have about 13 physical stores all around Nepal as mentioned here:

adidas, Durbar Marg

adidas, Jawlakhel

adidas, City Center

adidas, Civil Mall

adidas, Bluebird Mall, Tripureshwor

adidas Factory Outlet, Putalisadak

Reebok, Durbar Marg

Reebok, Jawlakhel

Reebok, BlueBird Mall, Tripureshwor

Levis: Durbar Marg

Levi’s Jawlakhel

Levi’s City Center

GQ, New Road (Multibrand)

pioneer in the e-commerce market, bringing all the big name brands under one roof and making it accessible to everyone in Nepal at their doorstep.